A Moon Pass is our name for a voucher which you can use to pay for our classes. You can buy a Moon Pass for £40 and you will receive a voucher worth £45 which you can use until it runs out, saving 11% on the full price. An added advantage is that you only need your debit/credit card to buy the voucher because when you pay for classes you just need to enter your voucher code which is quicker. 

A change to our previous method of buying a Moon Pass is that now when you pay for a Moon Pass you will receive an email giving you your voucher code within minutes, so you can start to book classes immediately. Unfortunately, this means that you can no longer choose your voucher code as it will be automatically generated. However by emailing us or using the contact me form on this website, we can change your code to one that you will remember. We may take up to 24 hours to make the change but you can use the original code until then.