What is it?

At it’s basic level, Elemental Earthdance is dance or movement to music which will increase your fitness and mental well-being and leave you feeling joyful and energised.

We will dance one of several routines which are carefully selected sets of songs designed around a focus. I base my routines around our planet, so for those who want to go deeper into the practice, you can read more about the Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Spirit elements of the dance.

Your level of intensity and spirituality!

Although our classes give a good body and mind workout, they are suitable for all levels and abilities because you move to suit your own fitness level.

Your body, your dance class!

Dancers may be seated if this is preferable, and I give different levels of instruction to enable you to work to your own ability and fitness level.

There is no wrong way…there is only what feels good for you!

You don’t need to bring anything with you to an Elemental Earthdance class, although you might like to bring a yoga mat as most of our routines finish with a short relaxation. It’s also a good idea to bring water with you.

If you wish to go deeper!

Elemental Earthdance celebrates the universal language of movement that connects us to our true self and to the planet. A dance of life. A story through movement. A connection to the rhythms of our earth. Based on the foundations of Nia dance and inspired by the moves of Belly dance with elements of Yoga, Elemental Earthdance is a fusion of movement forms. Find your path, tell your story, discover your unique spirit. We were all born to dance but we have forgotten how. Let me help you remember through Elemental Earthdance.

A typical ELEMENTAL EARTHDANCE class will last for 50 minutes. The cycle will follow the flow of the elements. 

As we begin with  EARTH, we connect through balancing and rooted movements, moving through the fluidity and flow of  WATER then the energetic movements inspired by the  FIRE element.

We end the movement part of our class with the  AIR element, connecting with our breath through gentle flowing stretches before finally moving into our  SPIRIT element. 

The final  SPIRIT practice encourages and supports your creativity, mindfulness and intuition with a short meditation or creative art.